Home page banner with video background for Vantage and HireBee themes

Home page banners for Vantage and HireBee themes designed to display an image on the background.

You just need to set the Featured Image for the Home Page.

By default it looks like this:

Default HireBee home page banner

Actually, you can display a video as well, but it's not so obvious and below it will be explained how to.

While ClassiPress theme has a Customizer option to upload a video instead of image, the Vantage and HireBee still require some more actions.

We will use the Gutenberg block editor and only one "Cover" block.

Create reusable block from your existing home page content

Group all existing blocks and add group to reusable blocks. Give it a name, for instance "Welcome banner". And remove it from the page.

Add new Cover block

Create new a "Cover" block and upload your video file in it.

Add your …
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Replace the Price with Sold tag for sold ClassiPress Ads

Currently, ClassiPress theme displays a "Sold" warning on the single ad page. But it's not reflected on the ad in loops and doesn't show any warning or sold tag.

Following code snippet replaces the Price with Sold tag for ads marked sold.

ClassiPress Sold Tag example

You can add it in a custom plugin or child theme functions.php file or use Code Snippets plugin (more details in the instruction).

/** * Adds the ad price field in the loop before the ad title. * * For sold ads replaces price with SOLD tag. * * @return void */ function arthemes_ad_loop_price() { global $post; if ( APP_POST_TYPE !== $post->post_type ) { return; } // Display Price tag for non-sold ads. if ( 'yes' !== $post->cp_ad_sold ) { cp_ad_loop_price(); return; } ?> <div class="price-wrap sold-wrap"> <span class="tag-head"><span class="post-price"><?php esc_html_e( 'Sold', APP_TD ); ?></span></span> </div> <?php } add_action( 'ini…
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Disable Favorite Listings in Vantage theme

Favorite listings is the build-in feature in Vantage theme. But for some sites it is not needed.

Following PHP code snippet will disable Favorite Listings. You can add in a custom plugin or child theme functions.php file. Alternatively, Code Snippets plugin can be used (more details in the instruction).

add_filter( 'va_fave_listing_link', '__return_empty_string' ); add_filter( 'va_header_menu_primary_items_user', function( $fields ) { unset( $fields['favorites'] ); return $fields; } );

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Customize AppThemes Importer

The AppThemes themes provided with a built-in listing importer, which allows importing new listings using CSV spreadsheets.

Currently, following themes support the AppThemes Importer feature: ClassiPress, Vantage, Clipper and JobRoller.

Listings can be imported with title, description, excerpt, status, author, date, slug, attachments, Geo data (if theme supports), custom fields, taxonomy terms and even taxonomy meta.

Each theme configures the Importer with a list of fields it should process. Site owners can check out this list by downloading sample CSV file and add their listings for import by adding data in appropriate spreadsheet columns.

The only issue is that site owners can't just add few more columns in a listings table and expect that the Importer will add this data to new listings.

The Importer doesn't understand where to add this new data, such as custom fields, taxonomy terms or post core fields.

Hooks Inven…
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Create a dedicated custom field for embedding media in the Vantage theme

In most cases, site owners do not mind users placing embedded video in the listing description section. And it works in Vantage without hassle. But sometimes they want to have a dedicated area for embedded media. What is possible, but requires some explanations.

The Vantage theme allows embedding videos in the listing description, but other fields do not recognize embedding and display the plain link to the video.However, there is a workaround that allows to display embedded videos in a dedicated area.

Create a dedicated field for embedding media

Open Vantage → Forms → Listings and add new "File Upload" field. Add the name. Set "File Limit" to 0 (what means no file upload allowed) and "Embed Limit" to 1 or more (depending on how many embeds allowed for this field). Save and remember the field meta name: in example we've got "app_youtube".

Edit listing and embed an example YouTube video to…
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Toggle fields group on the ClassiPress listing form

This mod can be useful if your ClassiPress listing form has too many fields and you want to toggle fields group visibility via button or a link.

Toggle visibility for a fields group

Especially, this important for mobile devices, where the long forms look complex and boring for your ad authors.

There are only two steps to implement this mod on your ClassiPress site.

1. Select which fields you want to toggle.

Use ClassiPress form builder and move all these fields below the listing Description field. The Description field will be the last field to be shown on page load. All fields below will be hidden until user clicked the Toggle link.

2. Add JavaScript snippet on your page.

Add the following code in your theme JavaScript scripts file.

jQuery( function( $ ) { $( 'form.form_step #list_post_content' ).each( function() { var collapsed = $( this ).nextUntil( '.ad-details-images-sep', '.form-field' ); if ( collapsed.le…
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Customize Category Menu for the Vantage theme

The Vantage theme allows displaying category mega menu in the navigation bar and on the dedicated Categories page.

Vantage Category Menu

Currently, there are no options for customization Category menu, but fortunately it has all necessary hooks and filter for that.

The filter "va_listing_categories_{$location}_args" allows changing parameters and alternate category menu for navigation and categories page separately. Dynamic part {$location} determines the location of the menu to apply changes for:

va_listing_categories_dir_args - applies changes to menu on the Categories page.va_listing_categories_menu_args - applies changes to the navigation mega menu. Filter 'va_listing_categories_{$location}_args' Basic parameters 'menu_cols' - (int) Columns number. Default 2 for page or 3 for navigation menu.'menu_depth' - (int) Number of sub categories levels. Default 3.'menu_sub_num' - (int) Max number of subcategories. Default 3.'…
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Favorite Profiles for HireBee version 1.1.1

On May 4th, 2020, we have released Favorite Profiles for HireBee plugin version 1.1.1. This is the minor release introducing minor fixes.

Changelog: Fixed issue with appearing "item" menu link for not logged-in users.Fixed issue with user option "Don't send me notifications when users add me into their favorites list" (it worked the other way around).

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Good Question plugin version 1.3.0

On April 19th, 2020, we have released Good Question plugin version 1.3.0. This is the major release introducing comment form spam protection.

Good Question on the comments form Changelog: Now the plugin can stop spam comments! Enable option “Display on comments form” to protect it.“Activate now” option replaced with “Display on registration form”.“Registration Page” option deprecated.Minor changes.

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