ClassiPress SEO Test

ClassiPress SEO test can show how upgrade of ClassiPress v3 to v4 can change the site search ranking results and give ideas for further structural improvements.

Below I'll explain how I did the tests, results and fixes.

Prepare Test I've created a new test site on a public serverInstalled vanilla ClassiPress 3.6.4Populated it with default content, 30 ad listings with images, categories and tags.Created a free account on and started crawling. Test steps Scan vanilla ClassiPress 3.6.4Update to ClassiPress 4.1.5 and repeat the scan.Research and fix determined errors, update ClassiPress files and repeat the scan.Merge working branch with the latest master (4.2.0) branch and repeat the scan. This step needs to find any issues that may appear between actual 4.1.5 and upcoming 4.2.0 versions.Repeat test with 4.2.0 version just to confirm results. ClassiPress SEO Test results

Below you can see the test result…

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