Create a dedicated custom field for embedding media in the Vantage theme

In most cases, site owners do not mind users placing embedded video in the listing description section. And it works in Vantage without hassle. But sometimes they want to have a dedicated area for embedded media. What is possible, but requires some explanations.

The Vantage theme allows embedding videos in the listing description, but other fields do not recognize embedding and display the plain link to the video.

However, there is a workaround that allows to display embedded videos in a dedicated area.

  1. Create a dedicated field for embedding media

    Open Vantage → Forms → Listings and add new “File Upload” field. Add the name. Set “File Limit” to 0 (what means no file upload allowed) and “Embed Limit” to 1 or more (depending on how many embeds allowed for this field). Save and remember the field meta name: in example we’ve got “app_youtube“.
    Vantage media embedding field options

  2. Edit listing and embed an example YouTube video to see how it works.

    Vantage media embedding step 1

  3. Embed media by URL and save changes

    Vantage media embedding step 2

  4. Add the embedding media field on the listing page

    Use the standard widget “Text” for adding custom field short code “appthemes_listing_details” and place it anywhere on the listing page. Maybe you will want to add some more content on this widget to avoid empty white block when the listing has no any embeddings.
    Vantage media embedding field on listing page

  5. See result

    Vantage media embedding result