Replace ClassiPress Location Search field with a custom field dropdown

A detailed instruction on how to replace Location Search field with a custom field dropdown on your WordPress ClassiPress site.

The default ClassiPress search bar has three fields:

Search keywordsLocationCategories

The ClassiPress Location field needs to refine search results to some geographic location. It can use the Google Places API for a location autocomplete and radius search or it may take a simple string to compare against ads address fields.

The following mod replaces default location field with a States dropdown list and allows restricting search results to a specific state.

This method can be applied for any field of the drop-down or checkbox type, such as Country, Region, Size, Color, etc.

The mod should be made in the template file searchform-listing.php, so using a child theme is the preferable way to implement the change.

Create file searchform-listing.php in the root folder of the child theme.Add t…
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Compare files and folders

A short tech tip on how to compare files and folders using diff and merge software such as Meld. The basic Meld usage and features.

Sometimes, you want to compare files in two directories find the difference.

For example, when you update software on your site, would be good to know which files updated and how the changes may affect your installation. Or maybe you've (or your developer) changed some files on your site and forget where the changes were made.

Obviously, you won't check each file line by line. You certainly need a tool, which can find all differences and give you visual report.

One of such tools is the Meld. It's free, open source and available for Linux, Windows and OS X users.

Meld helps you compare files and directories in two- and even three-way overview. You also can manage files under version control, such as Git or Subversion.


Example below shows how looks comparison of the ClassiPress versions …

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