Add tax item to an escrow order

This post is an addition to the article How to add taxes and discounts to a payment order and explains how to add tax item to escrow orders. We will use Taxable plugin as the basic tool for registering custom payment items.

Escrow orders introduced in the HireBee theme. They are processing differently to regular orders. So we should add modifications to make possible for Taxable plugin to add items to an escrow order.

You can add it in a custom plugin or child theme functions.php file. Or use Code Snippets plugin (more details in the instruction).

function arthemes_org_create_escrow_order( $workspace_id, $workspace ) { $order = appthemes_get_order_connected_to( $workspace_id ); if ( ! $order || ! class_exists( 'TAXABLE_Registry' ) ) { return; } $plugin = new TAXABLE_Registry(); $plugin->add_taxes( $order ); } add_action( 'waiting_funds_workspace', 'arthemes_org_create_escrow_order', 11, 2 );

When a workspace and new escrow …

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How to add taxes and discounts to a payment order

Taxes and discounts are popular items in payment orders. These are the price modifiers that applied to a total purchase amount regardless of items in order. And if you want to know how to configure it on your site, powered by AppThemes, this article is for you.

First, the basics. The AppThemes has own payment module included in all their themes - AppThemes Payments. The framework for processing orders and payment gateways. So, instructions below will work for all software that uses AppThemes Payments module, including all AppThemes themes.

1. Use the built-in "Tax" setting to add a tax item in all orders.

This option can be enabled in General Payments settings by adding a non-zero "Rate" value.

And the order summary will look the following:

The Regional Taxes item added in the order summary table.

Works pretty fine, but it has some drawbacks:

You can't change wording "Regional Tax" to something else. Only via translat…
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