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ClassiPress Address Field

ClassiPress Address Field plugin replaces default Street, City, State, Country and Zip code fields with a single address field with autocomplete and draggable pin on the map for best place selection.


  1. One new field replaces five standard fields.
  2. Address autocomplete on user typing.
  3. The map with draggable pin – allows selecting place by the point on the map, instead of address.
  4. Don’t need to set drop-down values for State and Country fields.
  5. Standard fields filled automatically on user choice. You can still use them in Advanced Search for filtering by State and Country.


  1. ClassiPress 4.1.0+. Admin form meta box requires ClassiPress 4.2.4+ (or the latest dev-build).
  2. Google map provider configured in ClassiPress settings (API keys must be working).

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