Good Question plugin for WordPress against spam comments and registrations

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Good Question plugin for WordPress against spam comments and registrations

Good Question is a free simple WordPress plugin to stop spam comments and registrations on the site.
Allows to add a simple question on the registration or comment form, easy for humans, but not solvable for the spam bots. User must select correct answers, otherwise form return error.

The best thing of this super simple plugin is that it 100% works!

The smartest bots that easily pass the Google reCAPTCHA are helpless against the Good Question. Just because they don’t know what to do with that. Bots are not trained pass the Good Question validation because it’s not so popular as Google reCAPTCHA or other services.

The Good Question plugin protects WordPress sites from spam registrations since 2013 and up for today, read the reviews. And now it stops spam comments as efficiently!

Key features of the plugin:

  • 100% effective. There are no services to help the bot to answer the abstract question, so they can’t pass validation.
  • Compatible with the most of the WordPress theme, including all AppThemes themes.
  • Works on WordPress registration form, including MU Sign Up form.
  • Works on comments form.
  • Simple and lightweight.
  • Allow to create your own unique Question and set of Answers.
  • Allow to edit all CSS properties for Question and each of Answers separately.
  • Shuffle Answers after each page load.
  • You can set colors or images through CSS properties, instead of simple text answers.


There is absolutely no matter of which question and how many answers you configure for a good question, just make it easy for your real visitors.

For example, create a simple question: 1 + 1 = ?

And three answers:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

Mark answer 2 as the correct, and that’t it!


BTW, we do use Good Question plugin on our sites (including this one) and it stops spam comments and registrations very well.

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