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Taggernaut - Tag Generator Plugin

Taggernaut is a tag generator which uses textual patterns with custom fields and taxonomy placeholders.

It works with any AppThemes theme! And you can use it to generate Tags or Categories for any post type.

How tag generator works:

  • Select Taxonomy type to be generated terms for. You can choose any number of registered taxonomies.
  • Enter a list of textual patterns. Use custom fields, user fields and other taxonomy placeholders wrapped in a % sign. Split patterns by a comma.

And that’s it. Now Taggernaut will generate SEO-friendly terms for new listings or posts.

Taggernaut textual patterns examples:

For ClassiPress theme use it to generate Ad Listing Tags: “%ad_cat% in %cp_city% by %user_company%“, may generate the following tags “Cars in San Francisco by Some Company

For Vantage theme use it to generate Listing Tags: “%listing_category% in %geo_city%“, may generate the following tags “Restaurants in Paris

If Listing has multiple categories (like Restaurants, Cafés) or field values, Taggernaut will generate multiple tags for each option: “Restaurants in ParisCafes in Paris

If some field or taxonomy does not exist or empty – the pattern will not generate a tag.


  1.  Taggernaut uses its massive inexorable force to generate terms. It will override any user entered terms. So if you use it to generate, for example, Tags – remove the Tags field from the user form. Moreover, don’t allow users to enter tags at all! Let Taggernaut generate them for better SEO.
  2. Just keep in mind the moment when the plugin automatically generates terms for a post. Once the post has changed status Pending or Publish. For example, terms will be generated when post changed status from Draft to Pending, or from Pending to Publish.
  3. If you want to explicitly generate terms for a specific post – there is a meta box with a preview and action button.



Please, keep in mind that plugin requires the AppThemes theme:

  • ClassiPress
  • Vantage
  • Clipper
  • HireBee
  • JobRoller
  • Taskerr
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