Taxable – Tax Rates and Sale Discounts Plugin

Taxable plugin allows to create a customizable Tax rates and Sale discounts and apply them to the payment orders.

The standard AppThemes Payments module already includes the “Tax” item and in most cases it’s pretty enough. But the Taxable plugin makes it a little more flexible, adds more options and enables multiple tax items.

Tax rates and Sale discounts options:

  • Sends your clients more detailed order receipts with the list of taxes included.
  • Add Standard Tax rates.
  • Or Indirect Tax rates.
  • Allows Zero Tax rates.
  • And even Tax over Taxes.
  • Schedules global site wide Season Sales!

Key Features:

  • Multiple Tax rates and Discounts.
  • Positive or negative rates (increase or decrease price totals).
  • Enable/disable some tax or discount items when not used.
  • Discounts can be scheduled on some future date.
  • Indirect tax option. The plugin adds taxes that do not affect the totals, like GST or VAT!
  • Priority tax option. If two tax rates with the same priority apply then the taxes are added together. If two taxes with a different priority apply then the taxes are compounded. When taxes are compounded, the first priority tax is calculated on the subtotal amount, and then the second priority tax is calculated on the subtotal plus the first priority tax amount.


  • Requires AppThemes product with Payments Support: ClassiPress, Vantage, JobRoller, HireBee, Taskerr and Clipper.


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